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My intention for the blog is to share insights into our school’s vision and philosophy for what is best for kids. I also share personal insights into parenting, education, and the culture our kids are growing up in. Thanks for checking it out!
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Well-known psychologist Carl Rogers wrote "For a person to grow, they need an environment that provides them with genuineness, acceptance, and empathy. Without these, relationships and healthy personalities will not develop as they should, much like a tree will not grow without sunlight and water." We as a community are responsible for the state of that environment. When our kids feel safe, truly seen, when they feel that they belong, and when we communicate to them that we enjoy their presence, they thrive. Kids are meant to learn from us, from people. While devices are well-designed to attract attention, our minds are biologically predisposed to learn from a parent and the extension of that parent in other adults. When a child or student has the appropriate environment in place, their ability to learn is often visible! You might say it SHINES through! :) And when the environment is not right (unsafe emotionally or physically), the child becomes closed off and focuses only on survival- they are not ready for any new information or opportunities for maturation and development. That is when we need to pay attention and take stock of the learning environment- Do kids feel safe? Are they free to make mistakes? Do they feel valued and seen by the adults around them? Our teachers are well-equipped with high quality, research-based strategies for teaching and challenging your children. I am really proud of how innovative and qualified our staff is. But more important than that, they are also experts in putting relationship first, so that when it's time for kids to build skill, the environment is just right. Thanks for reading!
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Welcome to Adams!   It is with pride and warmth that I welcome you to Adams Elementary. With the support of our amazing community, our stellar teachers provide an enriching and stimulating academic place for all children to thrive. Our school’s nurturing environment helps students SHINE with success, while building resiliency and compassion for others. Adams Elementary truly believes in the notion of the whole child, and with your participation we can ensure that each student is engaged, inspired, supported and challenged. Our SHINE values define who we are as a school and a community: We Show respect, We Help our community, We Include others, We Never give up, We strive for Excellence. My intention for the blog is to share insights into our school’s vision and philosophy for what is best for kids, as well as my own personal insights into parenting, education, and the complex culture our kids are growing up in. The blog previously existed on an external website and I will be re-posting some of the content from that blog on occasion. I hope that you and your family will enjoy your experience at Adams Elementary, become involved, and capture the spirit of our community.
Posted by  On May 30, 2019 at 9:41 AM